My husband, Mark, first discovered Las Gaviotas with his brother in high school, early 1980s, during their many surf trips to Baja. Along with friends, Mark and Matt used to drive from San Diego to Las Gaviotas after school for evening surf sessions. I also shared a love of Baja based initially on my high school trips to Tijuana and the nearby beaches. Both brothers subsequently had their Bachelor Parties in Las Gaviotas.

2004 Endless Summer Villa

Antoinette and Mark in Las Gaviotas 2004

Mark and I shared our first kiss a mile or so South of Las Gaviotas during our college years while on a Missionary trip to bring food and clothing to an orphanage in Tijuana. After visiting the orphanage, our California State University of Fullerton Catholic Club stayed the weekend at the beach front camp ground South of Las Gaviotas. I still remember the whale we saw from the camp site just off shore.

2005 Family Photo in Endless Summer Villa, Las GaviotasOver a decade later we spent a family vacation in Las Gaviotas at Mark’s sister Ann’s vacation home. Ann married William, a life-long surfer who also fell in love with Las Gaviotas. While at their home with our five children we decided to take a chance on purchasing our own piece of Las Gaviotas.  About six months later in 2004 we ignored all the nay-sayers and plunged into purchasing 18 Pelicanos Oeste. There was a decorative tile above the downstairs door that read “Verano Infinito” meaning Endless Summer. We therefore started calling the new home Endless Summer Villa.2004 Endless Summer Villa

2005 Family Photo at Taco SurfDuring one of our family stays at Endless Summer Villa we purchased the taco stand sign from our favorite taco stand near Las Gaviotas, Taco Surf. The sign is hanging in our downstairs front bedroom wall. The taco stand inspired an Orange County restauranteur to name his chain of restaurants “Taco Surf”. The sign hung above the road-side taco stand for approximately 20 years. Mark remembers eating at the taco stand during his many surf trips to Baja.

Endless Summer Villa-Las Gaviotas Rentals-Downstairs Front Bedroom

Las Gaviotas Family Photo

After 12 wonderful years of home ownership in Las Gaviotas we decided to take the plunge again, this time going in half and half with my father-in-law and mother-in-law, Larry and Lynn. Both Larry and Lynn used to take their children camping along the beaches of Baja. Many family vacations have been spend in Las Gaviotas since their daughter Ann’s home purchase and Mark and I’s subsequent purchase of Endless Summer Villa. Thus, in 2014, we purchased 144 Pelicanos Este, which is located on the same street in Las Gaviotas as Ann and William’s home and Endless Summer Villa. This new home we call Point Break Villa (keeping in the surf movie theme). Point Break Villa was completely renovated. Lynn and I especially loved choosing new tile, paint colors and wall decorations. Larry and Mark enjoyed all the structural changes done on the home (ie. Reducing closet sizes in order to expand bath rooms, etc.).

Larry and Lynn with Grandkids

Larry, Lynn, Mark and I all enjoy sharing our love of Los Gaviotas, Endless Summer Villa and Point Break Villa with others. It is always a joyous time for anyone staying at the complex as can be seen by our hundreds of reviews. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Your Host,