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April 17, 2020, Home Owner’s Association message regarding Las Gaviotas and COVID-19 Coronavirus

The Administration understands the concerns and frustration of the community in these difficult times. We are doing our best to keep everyone safe. Homeowners should remember that the restrictions we have asked them to cooperate with are not just for themselves but also for their neighbors. Everyone who comes into the community from the outside increases the risk of the virus coming into Las Gaviotas.Las Gaviotas Pool Closed

Some homeowners have ignored our request to stop all cleaning and handyman services. But we also know that many residents have continued to pay their normal cleaners and contractors even if they do not come into the community to perform their jobs. We applaud these residents for their consideration, both to their maids and handymen and to their neighbors. Residents who continue to congregate or walk-in groups of two or more people should consider how much they increase the risk of infection to others.

The Malecon isnā€™t wide enough to assure the proper separation. And if one person walking infects his or her companion walkers, then the risk to all other residents doubles and triples as those companions move about the community. This in the basis of the shelter-in-place rules imposed by the governors. For those coming down from the United States, please think about your neighbors who are here. If you do come to Las Gaviotas, please stay in your homes for a time needed to see if you have an infection. And remember, many people carry the virus but have no symptoms. The Administration cannot possibly enforce all of our recommendations. If we send out a guard to break up a gathering, then we put the guard at risk. In a time of crisis like this one, we must all be good neighbors. So many of us are complying with the restrictions. Those who do not are putting their neighbors at risk.

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