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April 15, 2020, Home Owers Association message regarding Las Gaviotas and the COVID-19 Coronavirus

Thank you to all Homeowners that have been following the recommendations of social distancing and remaining in Quarantine in their houses during this period of time, we understand that it is hard in these days since we are in the summertime and the sun will be emerging almost every day now; we are keeping all of our hopes up that this Virus situation will end soon.

Please, continue to maintain social distancing, keep yourself protected by staying at home at all times (unless you have an emergency); continue washing your hands as often as you can that includes your daily products (if purchase on a grocery store) such as fruits, vegetables, can goods, cleaning products, etc as soon as you bring them home and before you store them. If you present any symptoms such as fever, sore throat, muscles pain, headaches; DON’T hesitate, and please go to a DOCTOR, It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Please remember that all Common Areas in Gaviotas are closed till further notice that includes, Jacuzzi, pool, tennis court, putting green (children’s playground), shuffleboard, public bathrooms, and the beach.Las Gaviotas Pool Closed

Please remember that the Gaviotas beach is in the Federal Zone and whoever is spotted using the beach for whatever reason, could be entitled to be forced to leave and return to their houses or possibly get a fine by the Police department or the military.

We address this matter since the authorities will be coming to Gaviotas to do a few inspections around the community as a daily routine to verify that everything is ok and that people are obeying the recommendations of not staying outside. The Administration Office is not summoning the Authorities so that they can come and inspect, however, we are allowing them to access to make sure that everyone is protected or If anyone has a concern or problem or notice something incorrect or wrong; If you do have a problem or you see something suspicious, please don’t hesitate and call the Police by dialing 911 or the security guards. Please remember that our beach is not considered to be a private beach and authorities if summon can come by and do their duties, the administration does not have jurisdiction for what goes around the beach, we are only protecting you IF someone that doesn’t belong in Gaviotas had access with the Help of our security guards and maintenance staff.

Please review the news article below that addresses beach closing for more information and what are considered to be Federal Zone areas.

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