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April 7, 2020 Home Owner’s Association Message regarding Las Gaviotas and the COVID-19 Coronavirus

The Board and Administration of Las Gaviotas have a responsibility to protect the health and safety of all residents and employees. At the same time, we must show respect for the individual rights of community members. The COVID-19 pandemic presents a challenge in both regards.

A recent announcement by Mexican Federal Government restricts ALL non-essential activities in Baja. This includes our community.

These restrictions will be enforced by our security guards and this policy will be reevaluated no later than April 30th, 2020.

We are not issuing any home repair or remodeling permits (blue sheets) until further notice.Las Gaviotas Pool Closed

Emergency repairs must be evaluated and cleared by the Administration and The Supervisory Committee. The following common areas are closed until further notice: Tennis Court, Children’s Park, Clubhouse, Shuffleboard, Gym, Computer Room (other than to retrieve mail), Pool, Jacuzzi, Public Bathrooms including the Beach due to Mexican Government sanitary rule.

These rules will be enforced by our security guards and, if necessary, the police department will be called to reinforce the rule imposed by the Federal Sanitary Department.

We highly recommend refraining hiring maids and contractors for non-essentials activities and only have them over if it’s an emergency. An entry form will be required from the administration office for each time a maid and contractor wants to access Las Gaviotas. If they don’t have the entry form the access will be denied. Please make sure contractors and maids are complying with the sanitary requirements by wearing latex gloves and face masks.

Most of the homeowners living full time in Las Gaviotas are part of the most vulnerable group according to the WHO (World Health Organization). We are trying to prevent any contagious outbreak within Las Gaviotas.

The administration has already taken the measures to send home 8 employees within the vulnerable group with pay to keep them from being exposed to the highly dangerous and contagious COVID-19 virus.

We strongly suggest that you refrain from renting your house since all the common areas will be closed as well as the beach. We are trying to avoid any complaints from your renters that may affect you in the future from renting your house.

We thank you for understanding the inconvenience this must cause you but is in the best interest of the entire Las Gaviotas Comunity.

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