Originally built for the Twentieth Century Fox epic Titanic, Baja Studios is a selfcontained production facility. Some of the world’s largest stages and filming tanks, together with offices, scenery shops, dressing rooms and wardrobe facilities are available to accomplish any filming requirement. The present complex is built on 46 acres with more than 3,000 feet of ocean front overlooking the Pacific Ocean near the Mexican resort community of Rosarito, Baja California.

Construction of the facility began on June 6th, 1996. Since that time several feature films, in addition to Titanic, have used the facility. The list includes: MGM’s Tomorrow Never Dies, Draemworks’ In Dreams, Warner Brothers’ Deep Blue Sea, Phoenix Pictures’ Weight of Water, Fox’s Kung Pow, Disney’s Peal Harbor, and Fox’s Master and Commander The Far Side of the World. Our tanks and stages have also been used for filming commercials, music videos, television series, and movies of the week.