puerto-nuevoPuerto Nuevo Baja California is located two miles south of Las Gaviotas, 10 minutes south of Rosarito and 50 minutes from San Diego.

Puerto Nuevo is a favorite stop for travelers and has become famous for its Lobster prepared “Puerto Nuevo-style”, which is now a world-famous synonym for the exquisite lobster offered in local restaurants, around the world.view-at-puerto-nuevo-restaurant

Puerto Nuevo has over 30 restaurants that all serve local lobster cooked to perfection and served with steaming bowls of rice, beans, and fresh hand made tortillas. In Puerto Nuevo there are many small shops that sell pottery, rustic furniture, blankets and Cuban cigars. To the locals Puerto Nuevo is referred to as the “Lobster Village”.
Puerto-Nuevo-lobster-meal1Puerto Nuevo lobster mealA Complete Lobster meal will run you around $16 depending on the restaurant you choose. One thing is for sure you will leave full. Make sure on you next trip to Las Gaviotas stop in and grab a lobster in Puerto Nuevo Baja California.