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Spring Break at Las Gaviotas
Spring Break at many California colleges occurs in 2019 between March 23rd and April 8th. Fraternity, sorority and similar groups of college age people can pose a potentially serious problem during Spring Break. Many resorts, hotels and other vacation communities like Las Gaviotas prohibit these kinds of groups from their grounds. Fraternity and sorority groups do not as a general rule make good vacationers, and can hurt our reputation with families with children, more of which are now coming to Las Gaviotas during holidays. Homeowners should take notice of our HOA policies.
  Homeowners are solely responsible for all liabilities arising from, or associated with, the conduct of their tenants and guests, including, without limitation, liability for property damage and for personal injury related to wrongful death, bodily injury, sexual assault and criminal misconduct and negligence. The guards at Las Gaviotas are not police. Their role is security and enforcing our community rules. They are NOT acting “in loco parentis” or in any similar fashion with respect to a Homeowner’s tenants or guests, and Las Gaviotas disclaims any and all responsibility, express or implied, for the conduct of such tenants and guests.
Acccording to the CC&Rs, renters are not allowed to bring pets into the community. In the event that an owner’s dog bites a person in the community, the Administrator shall have the discretion to require that such dog be immediately taken out of Las Gaviotas common areas and not be readmitted unless and until the Administrator in consultation with the Board determines that such dog no longer poses any threat to any person in Las Gaviotas. The Administrator shall also have the discretion to impose restrictions on the presence of any dog in the community that has exhibited menacing behavior toward any person in the community. For example, the Administrator may require that such a dog wear a muzzle at all times when such dog is not inside an owner’s house. All dogs in the community must be properly registered with the office, and the failure to do so may result in the expulsion of such dog from Las Gaviotas unless and until such registration is complete. Dogs are permitted to be off leash only on the beach, and if a dog that is not on a leash, whether on the beach or otherwise, attacks another dog or a person, a complaint can be filed by the victim or the dog’s owner with local authorities, and the owner will be subject to arrest and the offending dog can be taken by authorities leading up to and including euthanasia.
Homeowners who rent to vacationers are encouraged to investigate and know their renters, particularly during Spring Break and other high occupancy times. Based on several discussions with Homeowners who rent their homes, it is a good practice to speak to potential renters on the telephone and to ask them whether they are associated with any of the high risk groups mentioned above. It is also a good idea to request photo copies of drivers licenses for members of a rental group. Members of problem groups are often young and notoriously immature. On our website there is posted in the Resource Center under Entry Forms, Rules and Policies, a Notice to Vacationers document that Homeowners should also provide to tenants in advance of, and as a part of, their rental agreements. Many Homeowners also meet, or have property managers meet, their tenants when they arrive. Taking these actions is NOT the responsibility of the Las Gaviotas office or the guards. If you are a Homeowner who receives a complaint from another Homeowner about the bad conduct of tenants in your house, it is not sufficient to just say, “call the guards.” The guards can give fines, but they are not responsible in any way for the repercussions from the conduct of your tenants.
  Fraternity, sorority and similar groups, such as those involved in bachelor or bachelorette parties, as a general rule don’t fit into our peaceful vacation environment at Las Gaviotas. These groups come to Mexico under a mistaken assumption that they can do anything they want in Mexico with impunity, away from observation by their schools, businesses or parents back in the United States. Many of them are younger than the legal drinking age in California. Consumption of large quantities of alcohol makes them indifferent and unaware of their surroundings, which often include children swimming in the pool or playing on the beach or patio next to them. Homeowners who allow groups of unsupervised young people into their homes, would be prudent to consult their own legal advisors about their personal liability for the conduct by such persons while in Las Gaviotas.
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