Las Gaviotas surfing in Baja is where you will surf almost perfect waves without the crowds you find in Southern California! Stay at either Endless Summer Villa and Point Break Villa and surf right outside your door. Both homes have surfboards for your use as well as extra wall racks to store your personal boards.

During the months of October to April, surfing in Baja, the water temperature ranges between 50 and 60 degrees, so it is always best to wear a full suit and booties when surfing Baja California. Swells during the winter period typically come from the West to Northwest and are fairly consistent. Summer months offer the best of Baja surfing with spring suit to trunk conditions with temperatures ranging from high 60’s to mid 70’s. The conditions of Las Gaviotas surf are: a rock reef break; mostly fast power rights (with an occasional left) and shape that holds into the afternoon with kelp beds helping just outside the break. When you stay at Las Gaviotas rentals at Rosarito Beach, you can sit on your patio; watch the conditions and head out when you and the break are ready.

The water is several degrees colder than it is in San Diego. This is due to a cold-water current that flows inconveniently into shore just past the border. So, while it might be 70° in San Diego during the summer, it might be 66° to 68° at Gavs. You can usually get away with trunking it around August or else throw on a spring suit. But any other time of year you’re going to want to bring your full suit, and in the winter you may even want a 4/3.

December is an incredible month for surfing at Gaviotas. North swells wrap along the coast providing endless long rolling waves. January and February are like December, except colder and sometimes stormier. February is the rainiest month of the year sometimes with as much as 4 or 5 inches of rain. That’s a lot by desert standards. But truth be told, after it rains in Baja the landscape is the most majestic you will see year-round. A day trip to the Guadalupe valley is like magic after a good rain. If you can imagine a normally dried out desert booming with vegetation and blooming flowers, then you can imagine why rain does amazing things in Baja!

Many consider Spring the best time of year to surf in Northern Baja. The waves still have size and the water becomes significantly warmer than during the Winter months. April in particular can be gloriously sunny. If you know anything about the weather in Southern California during the summer, then you’ve heard the expression “May Grey” and “June Gloom.” Unfortunately these are accurate descriptions of these months. There’s still good surf, but everything clouds over very heavily along the coast. If you’re not expecting it then it can be somewhat of a buzz-kill. July is a hit or miss month. Some years it’s flat the whole month, other years a random South swell will roll through, and if the sun comes along with it you will enjoy the best that Gavs has to offer.

Like Spring, the Fall months of September through November are great times for surfing. The water is still fairly warm but unlike Spring which tends to attract a lot of college students on break, these months are usually the quietest. Even though a “crowded” day at Las Gaviotas might mean 10 people in the water, in the Fall you’re only likely to share the ocean with pelicans, seals, and dolphins.