Whether you’re headed from Las Gaviotas to the Guadalupe Wine Country or to Papas and Beer in Rosarito Beach, the Uber app connects you with a reliable ride — from low-cost to premium — in minutes. Payment is automatic through the app and fares are usually cheaper than any other option to get around Northern Baja.

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Uber drivers can bring passengers across the border to Mexico from San Diego, but logistical problems prevent the same trip in reverse.

Riders can travel to Las Gaviotas, Rosarito Beach, Mexico, from San Diego in “one seamless and hassle-free” trip.  The trip isn’t cheap though. The ride through the newly launched UberPassport can cost $100 from downtown San Diego to Las Gaviotas, for example.

Uber instructs passengers who want to return to the U.S.:

1. Bring a passport or other documentation.

2. Hitch an Uber ride from Las Gaviotas, Rosarito Beach, to the San Ysidro International Border Crossing.

3. Passengers are instructed to cross into the U.S. by the pedestrian lane and request an Uber in San Diego to your final destination.