Weddings at Las Gaviotas, Rosarito Beach, Baja, Mexico

Plan your destination wedding for Las Gaviotas in Rosarito Beach.  Spend a weekend with family and friends in one of the most beautiful settings in the world.  The varied vacation rental homes will accommodate as many people as you would like.

Las Gaviotas Wedding Requirements:

A home owner must sponsor the wedding.  The home owner must pay all fees including the club house cleaning/security deposit fee ($600) and the club house rental ($700).   Of course these fees are reimbursed to the Las Gaviotas vacation rental home owners by the wedding party.

Wedding planners:


Chris Escoto, 559-681-3452 (personal cell), 619-483-1303 (business line),,

In addition to traditional weddings, Chris also coordinates elopements and vow renewals.  Chris is an Ex-Patriot who now lives near Las Gaviotas and offers all inclusive wedding packages (officiate, dj, cake, catering, decor, photography, etc.)  See the FAQ section on her website for some additional helpful information.


Javier Vega Catering
011 521 (664) 180 7219


Cristal Banquetes Oseguera
(664) 626 1772 / (664) 261 0960

Tents, tables, chairs and other:
El Patio
(664) 123 4921 / (664) 634 7922
Mesa Elegante
(664) 630 8316
Facebook: Mesa elegante carpas

Sonido Edicion
(661) 111 8302
Weeding coordinators:

Adriana Iturbide
Chef-Coordinadora de Bodas
XV Años, Banquetería
phone: 661 1088550

Facebook: inloveeventos

Party rentals:
(664) 409 1369
(661) 107 3133

Tina and David

Wedding Planner:

Wedding Photos:

Trey and Jessica