Light-line surf fishing using lighter gear to catch surf fish.

For the beach spinning rod, I use either my seven foot or nine foot rod with light power and a fast action.  The spinning reels are spooled with 4  through 6 lb line and a lure weight rating of ½ oz to 1 oz.

Most of the time Teo uses a Carolina rig (4-6 lbs) when fishing off the beach.  The rig is made up of a sliding egg sinker (1/2 to ¾ oz) a bead (6mm), a swivel, eighteen-inches of leader (4 lbs, fluorocarbon) and a hook ( #4 Mosquito).  The leader length and sinker size should vary depending on the size of surf and the strength of the current.  With big surf and strong currents go shorter leader and a heavier sinker. On calm days, go longer leader and lighter sinker.  The fish mostly feeds off the bottom, so drag your sinker on the bottom by constantly retrieving.

Teo uses a Berkeley’s Camo Sandworm 2.5 inch lure which does pretty good.  He has also used squid cut in strips, mussels and lugworms.  All tackle and bait are brought from California since they are not available south of the Border.

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